Welcome to The Dice Guys website! We’re here to talk about general internet fun, but mostly about board, dice and card games, especially ones good for people starting out playing games. We didn’t really know what else to write on the About page, so we just made an audio file to chat about it. Listen above; transcript below.

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JASON: Hello! This is Jason!

MIKE: And this is Mike!

JASON: And we are the Dice Guys.

MIKE: And you are on the About page for our website!

JASON: Yayyyy!

MIKE: Yeah, just listening to it. You don’t even have to read it. That’s just awesome!

JASON: You can listen to us, and do something interesting!

MIKE: Yeah! Uh, I don’t know what you’re going to do while you’re listening to us…

JASON: I have no idea… How did we come up with the name “The Dice Guys,” Mike?

MIKE: Uhhh, I don’t remember. I think we just pulled it out of our asses. I think dice was in yours, and guys were in mine…


blah blah blah … I have tiny dice … blah blah blah … cover news on board games and card games and … blah blah blah … I LOVE MONKEYS! … blah blah blah .. you’re going to have a monkey box? … blah blah blah …  Sometimes I have peanuts laying around … blah blah blah … So, games! … blah blah blah … Listen to our podcast .. blah blah blah .. Don’t bite any old ladies! .. blah blah blah … walkers … blah blah blah …

JASON: I hope you guys are gaming and enjoying yourselves as much as humanly possible —

MIKE: Yes, yes. And visit us often! We’ll have new stuff for you.

JASON: And keep rollin’ your dice.

MIKE: Keep rollin’ the dice.



Jason’s Random Encounters

Check out the things I randomly find on the internet...
-- NSFW BIG BAD WOLF :One of the strangest things I've seen in a very long time! Well worth the click.
-- Dragon Age: Redemption Episode links and commentary videos! : Felicia Day's new web series based on Dragon Age II. Such a fun web series!
-- Police brutality on Wall Street : Wow! Someone other than the Suicide Girls is actually covering what is happening on Wall Street!
-- Pumped Up Kicks : 70's Robot Dance Guy just went home and cried after seeing this.

Mike’s Ambling Brain

Click. Click... Oooh! Click! Mike wanders the internet for you!
-- Charlie Sheen Sings!: Songify This! takes Charlie Sheen to the next level. -- Rhett Butler plays Joe Satriani's classic "Always with Me, Always with You" on 2 guitars at once. I can't even pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time.
-- T-Rex Trying... to do things with his tiny arms.