Dice Guys Audio Podcast 002: Wet Blanket Bingo

Episode 2 is the first full podcast we felt was ready for prime time — so here it is! Use the tool above to listen to it or download it. In this episode: nerd gals being mean to nerd guys, wet blankets, dice, games, our picks of the week, and more dice!


  • Mike talks about the awfulness that was Episode #1
  • Jason doesn’t think it was that bad — and gets right to business


  • Woman writes for nerdy website Gizmodo, picks up a date on OKCupid, ends up with a nerd and dumps him because of that — telling all about it on the nerdy site. Is it any surprise she gets raked across the coals of geekdom? Her article is here if you want to give it more hits.
  • Wet blankets! Not a troll who is trying to cause mayhem — it’s someone who really doesn’t agree with you or like something you like, and they are going to tell you all about it. You can’t enjoy or like anything because they don’t like it, and they’re right, and their plan is to stop your enthusiasm. This one wanders a bit too much — but, hey, it’s our second podcast try!
  • Online social games — some are fun, many are mindless. We mention Facebook (natch) and Google+ mainly because they are used a lot by non-gamers to pass time and connect for fun. But do they spam your friends? How Facebook and Google+ handle gaming differently.

Picks of the Week

  • Jason: [amazon_link id=”B000ARTT7S” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Guillotine: The Revolutionary Card Game[/amazon_link]
  • Mike: [amazon_link id=”B003IKMR0U” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Zombie Dice[/amazon_link]

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Jason’s Random Encounters

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-- Pumped Up Kicks : 70's Robot Dance Guy just went home and cried after seeing this.

Mike’s Ambling Brain

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-- Charlie Sheen Sings!: Songify This! takes Charlie Sheen to the next level. -- Rhett Butler plays Joe Satriani's classic "Always with Me, Always with You" on 2 guitars at once. I can't even pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time.
-- T-Rex Trying... to do things with his tiny arms.