It’s been a busy year for us here at The Dice Guys. Unfortunately, not much of that busy time was actually spent working on this website and podcast. For that we apologize. However, the main reason is we’ve been devoting time to our new website: Ask The Idiots! Go check it out if you have a few moments. Our crack team of idiots — not a team of idiots on crack — are working around the clock to provide the best possible answers they can to questions given by readers. They’re also hard at work finding whacked people in the news and give opinions on hot topical issues. Weekly votes for Idiot of the Week and a coming News Break podcast round out the current offerings.

The Dice Guys isn’t dead. We still love board games and geek pop culture and we definitely plan on reviving this as soon as possible. There will be more board and card game reviews, more nutty commentary, and more whatever as soon as we can work all of this into our schedules. Unfortunately the day jobs that actually pay us and keep us in nachos and cheese dip takes time away from website work — unless one of these things actually starts turning a profit.

In the meantime, keep visiting back occasionally or keep an eye on our Google+ page to know when we’re back and fully operational!

AskTheIdiots.Com :  Free Advice — and worth every bit spent!


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Jason’s Random Encounters

Check out the things I randomly find on the internet...
-- NSFW BIG BAD WOLF :One of the strangest things I've seen in a very long time! Well worth the click.
-- Dragon Age: Redemption Episode links and commentary videos! : Felicia Day's new web series based on Dragon Age II. Such a fun web series!
-- Police brutality on Wall Street : Wow! Someone other than the Suicide Girls is actually covering what is happening on Wall Street!
-- Pumped Up Kicks : 70's Robot Dance Guy just went home and cried after seeing this.

Mike’s Ambling Brain

Click. Click... Oooh! Click! Mike wanders the internet for you!
-- Charlie Sheen Sings!: Songify This! takes Charlie Sheen to the next level. -- Rhett Butler plays Joe Satriani's classic "Always with Me, Always with You" on 2 guitars at once. I can't even pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time.
-- T-Rex Trying... to do things with his tiny arms.