Hello Dice Guys followers! Michael here with some news:

First, I want to thank everyone for staying on as a follower! Hopefully you’re checking in now and then or this will make it into your feeds.

It’s been forever since we’ve done anything, and apologies for that. It ended up the last half of last year was huge for me, seeing as how I got married and then dealt with immigration, a move to a new apartment, and several other things. The other half of the Dice Guys, Jason Spargur, had his share of big changes and events to maneuver through as well. It ended up building the Dice Guys into the huge bowl of fun we wanted wasn’t in the cards or the dice last year.

However, through it all we’ve kept talking and planning and figuring out how to get the Dice Guys podcast and website moving once more! Michael has a job change coming soon which will do a lot to fix scheduling problems. So plans are:

  1. A website redesign for relaunch. Nothing fancier; probably cleaner.
  2. Our 30-40 minute podcast starting off every two weeks, then moving again to weekly. Another option is the biweekly 30-40 minute cast and weekly 5-10 minute quickie casts.
  3. Video. We’re thinking it’s time to get our ugly mugs out there, plus we’d like to begin some on location video reporting/blogging which means we have to get used to the idea of seeing ourselves on the screen. The goal, except for certain special reports, would be these would be listenable as audio also, so you could still just listen in the car during commute or something.

So, don’t give up on us yet! We still play games and still want to gab about them, and we’ll try to make some regular updates here as to progress.

Thank you all again for your patience (or just leaving us in your list until whenever)!


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