Dice Guys Audio Podcast 024: The Jeez and Whine Edition

Yes, we have skipped a number: #23 is coming soon, but #24 is here now! This time around, Jason and Mike do a bit of whining about the state of board game news. It’s all Liam Neeson’s fault. There is some video game news, though, in the form of a demon deluge: Blizzard’s Diablo III. And thanks to Neeson, we only have a couple of Brain Flakes and a whole lot of talk about a stupid Battleship movie. Still have a Game Pick of Every Other Week, though! Enjoy!


  • Not much personal news happening. A lot of that was covered in the coming Show #23 along with info about our unannounced hiatus and what we’re doing for the future.

Brain Flakes

  • The Boy Scouts are getting ready to release a new merit badge for game designing. The goal will be to create a game in one of four categories: electronic, athletic/sport, tabletop, or pen and paper/rpg. They expect it will teach scouts critical thinking, rule development, and problem solving. Of course, we gamers knew this a long time ago.
  • SCIENCE! Looks like the doomsday is postponed. Archeologists have found a Mayan calendar that extends for 7000 years, well beyond the infamous 12-21-12 doomsday date. We still plan to have our End of the World party anyway, though. Bring your games and stuff — you’re all invited!


  • Battleship. You’ve probably heard about this little movie. Well, it’s in our way, and we’re none to happy about it. We also don’t think all the chatter about board games becoming movies is that interesting, so we look at movies becoming board games instead. Our conclusion? It’s in the podcast… Don’t forget to leave your movie-to-board game ideas in the comments below or in our Google+ page!
  • Diablo III went live on May 15th. We discuss the opening day network jitters, why Mike isn’t playing it yet, and what Jason loves about it.

Pick of the Week

  • [amazon_link id=”0976914417″ target=”_blank” ]Red Dragon Inn by Slugfest Games[/amazon_link]

If your friendly local game store doesn’t have our picks, click the links and nab them!


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Mike’s Ambling Brain

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