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Writer’s block. It’s a curse to authors, gamemasters, designers, bloggers — oh, let’s face it: it’s a curse to any creative soul. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it. Maybe you talk to a friend and hammer out your next great short story plot. Perhaps you pace around the house or wander outside, letting the rhythm of the walk and the fresh air energize your brain. Or, if you are a gamer, you might use dice. Should you use regular dice and make up some kind of weird table? Maybe not. Maybe you should get [amazon_link id=”B003EIK136″ target=”_blank” ]Rory’s Story Cubes[/amazon_link].
Made by Gamewright, Rory’s Story Cubes are a set of 9 six-sided cubes with a different image on each side. Choose a few or choose them all, then roll and see what comes up! Let the images thump you in the head and just say the first things that come to you for why those particular images all relate to each other, and, BOOM!, writer’s block gone. The story cubes make a great storytelling game for kids. They’ve been used in classrooms, businesses and more to inspire creativity, as well.

The story cubes are available in a couple of different sets. One set comes in a sturdy box you can use for storing and carrying the dice. Another set, available at Target and other big box stores, comes with a dice bag. And, if you want to go high tech, you can get the cubes as an app on your iPhone or iPad for just $1.99. There is also an expansion, [amazon_link id=”B0063NC3N0″ target=”_blank” ]Rory’s Story Cubes Actions[/amazon_link], which adds verbs to the mix, in case you need to nudge that imagination a little bit more. Also, available just at their website for now is Voyages. Voyages gives nine new dice with even more pictures which can be added to the original set, mixed and matched, or used by themselves to help spark the imagination, also.

You can find out more at the Story Cube website or just go check them out at your local game stores or our links here!

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