Dice Guys Audio Podcast 022: Taco Missiles? That’s Fast Food!

Three months in to 2012 already? Where does the time go?! Certainly not to playing games — we just want more time for that!

This time, Jason and Mike welcome Jeff Healy to The Dice Guys website. Jeff will be writing up role play gaming type stuffs while us old fogies get around to ignoring our day job so we can have some fun. We also have our patented Brain Flakes filled with yummy digital dice, virtual tabletops, and quadricopters that deliver tacos. Mmmmmm.. tacos. And our game pick of the week is something you can find in  your local big box store!


  • Last week, The Dice Guys had extra work in their day jobs — or night job for Mike. So, while there isn’t much personal news to report, there is some Dice Guys news, including the addition of Jeff Healy from Part-Time Elves and some forthcoming articles from guest contributors

Brain Flakes

  • Here come the digital dice! GIC’s DICE+ is a bluetooth cube you can roll that gives immediate info to a tablet or PC (specs for which devices exactly are forthcoming). The numbers are backlit by LED, too. More info coming at E3 and they are expected to hit the market later this year at around $30-40. Engadget has the blurb and video.
  • Joshuha Owen’s TableTop Forge is in open beta now thanks to Google opening it’s G+ Hangout Apps to the public. The virtual tabletop allows you to run any number of RPG styles/rules in a hangout with up to 10 people. More info available at the G+ page!
  • Tacocopter! Are you in San Francisco with your iPhone and have a hankering for tacos? Well, let your robot overlords bring them to you! Tacos delivered straight to via quadricopter based on your GPS position. Yum! (Yeah, it’s actually a hoax/just for fun site due to FAA rules and such — but I bet it could be done…)
  • SCIENCE! A few months old, but really making the rounds now, check out the sim The Gadget Show put together for Battlefield 3. 17 minutes well spent watching!


  • G4’s Stephan Johnson doesn’t like Obsidian Entertainment (maker of Fallout New Vegas among a couple other titles) using crowd-sourcer Kickstarter to help fund their next games. He doesn’t see why successful companies need to go to the gamers instead of publishing houses for cash to develop. We tell him.

Pick of the Week

  • [amazon_link id=”B00074FYAA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]In a Pickle by Gamewright[/amazon_link]

If your friendly local game store doesn’t have our picks, click the links and nab them!


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