Dice Guys Extra 002: Whoops!

Last week, The Dice Guys worked extra at their day job, so getting together for the podcast was out of the question. However, we’ve got this put together for you: Games coming out later this year! Sit back and get a fairly quick overview of some games coming soon from Tasty Minstrel, Fantasy Flight, Steve Jackson, and Mayfair. Games covered are listed below with links to more information. There is no link to more info on pants-less clowns.


  • Tasty Minstrel
    • Belfort – a forthcoming reprinting, so this link does say “sold out” for now
    • Martian Dice – reprinting coming soon; may be available now
  • Fantasy Flight
    • Descent: Journeys in the Dark, 2nd Ed. – an update feature all sorts of enhancements and additional material
    • Relic – Warhammer 40k meets Talisman; not much but a picture to go on so far
    • Fortress America – the 80s classic is returning, complete with xenophobic paranoia: US against The World! (except Canada)
    • Merchant of Venus – another 80s classic getting the FFG makeover; excellent artwork on the site reminiscent of classic sci-fi mags!
  • Steve Jackson
    • Evil Ted – zombie teddy bears, that about sums it up
    • Tribes, 2nd Ed. – a boardgame and RPG rolled into one featuring cavemen; streamlined play and new components in this one
    • Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature – expansion to Zombie Dice not for standalone play; available to order now for $7.95 direct from SJG; braaaaaiiiinnnnnnnzzzzzz…..
  • Mayfair
    • [amazon_link id=”B0002HYTWQ” target=”_blank” ]A House Divided[/amazon_link] – appears to be out now for $45.00, a little more than we had found when we made the podcast; Mayfair’s info is here

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