Dice Guys Audio Podcast 020: Do You Smell Bacon?

Ahhh, pigs. So cute and cuddly and yummy… Wha–? Oh, excuse me. I was daydreaming there for a moment. Today, Jason and Mike provide an update on an unfriendly local game store in North Carolina, talk about CCP’s upcoming DUST 514, acknowledge International Women’s Day the geeky way, and talk robots and Bioware forum rage. And we have our oinks — er — Game of the Week!

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  • Work work, sleep sleep, drink drink.
  • An update on the story from last podcast about The Wyvern’s Tale vs. Hillside Games in Asheville, N.C. Despite making claims they were going to work to rectify their idiocy, Hillside has decided to not do a thing. The Wyvern’s Tale has gotten a domain name and is moving on despite Hillside.
  • Free RPG Day is June 16th, 2012. Contact your Friendly Local game store to see what they might have in store for you.
  • A month earlier, Tasty Minstrel Games is doing a game giveaway. Join their email list by march 16th and have a chance to win one of eight great games from the owner’s game closet.
  • And our own little “contest” still goes on as mentioned above.

Brain Flakes

  • DUST 514 from CCP, makes of the brilliant EVE Online space trader and pirate MMORPG, is almost here! CCP announced that it will be coming to PS3 exclusively, but it will be free-to-play. The game links its console, first-shooter multigamer play to EVE’s multiplayer space corporations and should add an interesting dynamic.
  • Z-Man Games announced its games will now be distributed exclusively by Alliance Game Distributors to hobby retailers in the United States
  • It’s Women’s History Month, and we decided to mention a couple women of note in the Nerd Core and Gaming communities. Jason picks Felicia Day for her creativity in many nerdy projects, including the forthcoming Geek and Sundry. G&S ( it has a Google+ page, too) will be her channel for her and other people’s web series and geek-centric stuffs. Mike picks Jennifer Hepler for her writing credits with supplements for great games like Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Legend of the Five Rings, and Paranoia. She has written for television, as well as writing and editing stories in video games, like Bioware’s Dragon Age.
  • SCIENCE! Creative Machine Labs is working on autonomous robots to work on trusses for building structures, here on earth or in space — especially repairing and building space station structures. See the video and read about it here.
  • And our local color story of the week: an Oklahoma man was arrested for assaulting a pig in a vocational agriculture barn of a school here in Oklahoma. Yeah, we’re sorry that news is spreading across the country, too.


  • The attacks on Jennifer Hepler of Dragon Age and BioWare fame for comments she made in a 2006 interview are ridiculous. The death threats, actual harassing phone calls and postal mail, and more are beyond the pale for gamers and must stop. No amount of disagreement, especially for the audacity of a writer to enjoy story more than gameplay mechanics, justifies what has been done to her or the racist attacks on Bioware’s Stanley Woo. We support BioWar’s move to clamp down on asshattery in their forums, and talk about it a bit in the podcast.

Pick of the Week

  • [amazon_link id=”B00005JG3Y” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Pass the Pigs by Winning Moves[/amazon_link]

If your friendly local game store doesn’t have our picks, click the links and nab them!


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