So, you have a lot of time on your hands and have decided to build something incredibly fragile, fairly useless for gaming, but yet might be a beautiful gift for the gaming fiend in your life? Look no further! Actually, look a little further, because Casey Borders has posted over at Instructables.Com how to build a stained glass D20 die.

Stained Glass D20

-- Image from Instructables.Com --

He gives you a list of all the tools and materials you’ll need. Then, you’re taken step-by-step through construction, from creating and cutting out the cardboard template for holding the pieces of glass for etching to soldering everything together into a beautiful work of art. A PDF document is provided for downloading so you can have the instructions handy as you work.

Check it all out at the “Making a Stained Glass D20” page on the Instructables site!

UPDATE 2/22/12:

Forgot to mention Casey is the son and brother of the artists who helped make the die and the instructions. They have a business and website: B & B Glassworks. According to their site, “B & B Glassworks, LLC is a Columbus, Ohio based, mother and son team of award winning glass artists that pride ourselves on uncompromising quality and creating unique, original designs. Our work runs the gamut from traditional to modern, Victorian to pop-culture and everything in between.” Go have a look at their other work and marvel.


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