As mentioned on our podcast #18 here are those video game music cover artists we mentioned!

People have been doing their own versions of music from video games since the first blips and beeps sounded from arcade games in the 80s. If it wasn’t full songs, the sounds were getting worked into pop and novelty songs. ( “Pac Man Fever” anyone? Am I giving away my age?) However, with the rise of inexpensive software and recording equipment, musicians can now make more and more from the comfort of their own home recording studios — or their desks in their bedrooms. Affordable cameras and video editing software put creating and uploading videos in the reach of the average schmoe. That has led to an incredible number of cover songs on Youtube and similar sites.

The proof this kind of thing hit the big time probably came in 2005 when the Video Games Live show began. 11,000 people attended the LA Philharmonic at the famous Hollywood Bowl playing tunes from Mario, Zelda, Myst, Tomb Raider, and much more. The show has been on tour since, selling out nearly everywhere. You can grab the show on CD and DVD, too. [amazon_link id=”B000VO8O6W” target=”_blank” ]Video Games Live, Vol. 1[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”B003ZIQ5T4″ target=”_blank” ]Video Games Live Level 2[/amazon_link] are available, as well as a DVD/Blu-Ray combo at [amazon_link id=”B003ZIQ5TO” target=”_blank” ]Video Games Live: Level 2 [Blu-Ray + DVD Combo][/amazon_link].

As amazing as that is, more amazing are the number of views gathered by home grown musicians posting their own versions and videos online. We mentioned just a few of them on our show, but I urge you to explore after checking these. There are so many more great artists out there!

Malukah: Of note are her renditions of songs from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. She’s a multi-instrumentalist, and her multiscreen videos show her playing guitar, drums, singing harmony, and more. She doesn’t just sing the music; she plays the games, also, and you can read about in all — and see her dog — in her blog.

331erock: A guitar instructor who also does metal shred versions of all sorts of music, including Skyrim, Sonic and more. Oh, there is also an awesome metal version of Wham’s “Careless Whisper.” Scary, eh?

violintay: Take a listen here for some excellent versions of music from Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid 4,and others, all done on violin. When she isn’t using a backing track, she layers her own playing or teams up with pianist Lara.

lara6683: She works with violintay on an excellent Skyrim cover, but she plays violin as well on music from Super Mario Brothers, the Final Fantasy series, and more.

lindseystomp: Lindsay Stirling is a star. Yeah, I said it. She’s been on America’s Got Talent, for what that’s worth. More, however, she has extremely high production values for her videos, a healthy collection of original works that’ll knock your socks off, and varied genres from hip-hop to celtic fusion to video game covers. You’ll definitely want to check out her turn as Link in her video for the Zelda cover. She has her own site, also.




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  1. Jeff Healy says:

    There’s also the granddaddy of them all, OverClocked Remix, at They’ve been around since 1999, and there’s some amazing stuff there. The collaborative albums they occasionally release are particularly good.


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