Dice Guys Audio Podcast 018: Piggyback Rides for Everyone!

Mike here. My back  hurts, so I won’t be giving any piggyback rides. But I think Jason might be able to. We’ll tell you all soon where to line up for them! Until then, beware the Piggyback Bandit. He just takes without giving. This week we have a couple of video gaming things in our Brain Flakes — better than flies doing the backstroke, anyway. We fill the time with news on our website features and our Game Pick of the Week: Shadow Hunters. Sorry if this blurb is more disjointed than usual. I just finished watching Tales of an Ancient Empire. I beg you, with all the energy I have left, DO NOT watch this movie. My brain is already damaged; don’t spread the stupid any further.


  • Jason becomes the RPG Editor for The Dice Guys and talks about his first article — quick article — about sexism in RPGs. You can find that here.
  • Mike discusses his Fan Film series that is being posted here as well as on a Google+ Page. Coming soon: Gilligan’s Island. Yes, you heard that right, little buddy.

Brain Flakes

  • Video game cover music done by fans has exploded! People are doing their own versions of music from Skyrim, Zelda, and much much more. It’s been growing for years, with a traveling orchestral show of video game music sold out time and time again. Links to the Video Games Live stuff, but especially all the cool people we mention in the podcast, are here!
  • Apparently the Veteran’s Administration doesn’t want to give money to zombie vets. Poor Jerry Miller has been declared dead four times, and he is very much alive — totally not a zombie. MSNBC has video.
  • The Piggyback Bandit is a scourge and a menace and must be stopped! ESPN covered it. It must be big!
  • SCIENCE! Russians have finally drilled deep below Antarctica into a fresh water lake millions of years old. It took 20 years, and we’re not sure whether they were hunting for voda or vodka, but, they definitely got FIRSTIES! Check out BBC News for the full info –and listen to the podcast to hear Mike’s math fail. (I lost track of the decimal point. Sue me.)
  • SCIENCE! Kind of scienc-y. In the grand tradition of popes apologizing for things many years after it matters, Popular Science has apologized for calling video games a short lived fad after they played PONG.


  • No real discussion feature this time.

Pick of the Week

  • [amazon_link id=”B001DY2EJM” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Shadow Hunters by Z-Man Games[/amazon_link]

If your friendly local game store doesn’t have our picks, click the links and nab them!


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