Dice Guys Audio Podcast 016: All Your Marble are Belong to Us

Jason and Mike are back in full swing. I don’t know what we’re swinging, but, hey, at least we have our podcast out the same weekend we recorded it! Grab your favorite drink, sit back, and listen to us pontificate. (No, that’s not a dirty word.)

Our Sweet Sixteen episode has us pondering another podcast, as if we haven’t bitten off more than we can chew already. We talk about Chinese game manufacturing, virtual table tops, and Skynet. And we have our Game Pick of the Week!


  • Jason has gotten regular hours at his job that pays bills, which he thinks means more content on our website! Mike isn’t convinced.
  • Mike announced “Dice Guys After Dark” to get some immature, political, angry ranty stuff out of their systems. It probably won’t happen, but, hey, why not dream aloud?

Brain Flakes

  • The Globe and Mail reports on a Vancouver man, Michael Lee, who has set up a successful board game manufacturing business in China: Panda Game Manufacturing.
  • French company ePawn showed its Arena tabletop gaming touchscreen at CES 2012 about a week ago. The $400 26″ touch screen takes input from many devices, tracks pawns and such placed on it, and allows for an interactive gaming experience. Read more at their website!
  • Joshuha Owen is creating a virtual tabletop for role play gaming for Google+ Hangouts. Check him out at G+ or his blog at TabletopForge.Com!
  • SCIENCE! Scientists apparently donot watch movies or just don’t care. They’re intent on building robots that will one day rule over us. This week’s entry: a computer AI that knew nothing at all about numbers has taught itself basic math sense. The story came from TechCrunch. Your robot master will come from Skynet.


  • Should you let your children win games? How much? When do you stop? Apparently Sherrie Gardner Howell thinks you always let them win. Her article at KnoxNews.Com seems to say that, anyway. We give our take, and are probably just as full of it. So tell us what you think in comments below!

Pick of the Week

  • [amazon_link id=”1594721149″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Isle of Doctor Necreaux by Alderac Entertainment Group[/amazon_link]

If your friendly local game store doesn’t have our picks, click the links and nab them!


3 Responses to Dice Guys Audio Podcast 016: All Your Marble are Belong To Us

  1. Joshuha Owen says:

    For now my plan is to release the Google Hangout virtual tabletop for free (once Hangout API is out of beta). However, I may try a Kickstarter project at some point to raise money for graphic designers/more coders to get a richer feature set as well as allow me to buy a laptop to develop on the road =).

  2. this is replying really late but hey, better late than never at all… anyways. i dont believe you should let them win. I play fair with my kids. Teach them the game. I play a game with them just as I would an adult. We always play 3 games that way it gives us both a chance to win at least once. 

    For example, christmas day I played a game with my son… he won the first game, i won the second and he won the third. But I didnt let him win. He did it on his own. They have to learn things early in life sadly because this world is not what it use to be. Things are a lot more harder now.

  3. Ok another thing… your podcast thing cuts out… I can never hear anything more being said after you talk about your job that actually pays your bills… which by the way daddy(jason)… I need some money!!! please… its almost my birthday you know.


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