Dice Guys Audio Podcast 015: No Steenkin’ Balance!

We’re almost back on track! Episode 15 was recorded this past weekend. Barring any more illness or craziness, we’ll be back to weekly shows again. Hooray!

This episode we get D&D 5th Edition out of our system, from the announcement itself to edition wars and character balance thoughts. We also have a heapin’ helping of Brain Flakes covering Apple’s iBooks 2 announcement, advertising in movie trailers, and the BBC doing some unflattering stuff to amateur astronomers. And we have our Game Pick of the Week!


Brain Flakes


  • This is the D&D 5th Edition episode. We cover the announcement, edition wars, rising hate for 3rd edition, and what we think of character balance. (Hint on that last: we don’t need no steenkin’ balance!)

Pick of the Week

  • [amazon_link id=”291484980X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]EVO by Asmodee[/amazon_link]

If your friendly local game store doesn’t have our picks, click the links and nab them!


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