Google+ has opened up its business/brand pages, so we’ve set up a Dice Guys page there. Here’s the link for you:

The Dice Guys Google+ Page

So, if you prefer getting notifications of new podcasts and other Dice Guys info via Google+, there you go. I believe the page is public, so you should be able to check it out without a Google+ account, too. Of course, you’ll also still able to follow us via Twitter and RSS. We’re still preparing a Facebook page, but Jason and I are battling over who will handle it.

We’re also working on setting up separate RSS feeds for news or info and podcasts. Once that is figured out, setting up our podcasts on iTunes and a couple other podcast listing sites should make it even easier for people to subscribe to automatically get the podcast.

Thanks for visiting! We hope you are enjoying everything, and thanks for sticking with us as we continue to grow and discover new things to try. Tell your friends, family, and frenemies about us!


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