Dice Guys Audio Podcast 009: Guys Down Under! Not.

Episode 9 goes down under to the outback of Australia where the Guys find crocs, and dirt, and game design. And you get bad, cheesy accents, too. Mike also gives his mea culpa for confusing some game rules for last week’s game pick, and Jason gets to rant again and provides one word so we get to label this explicit when we finally get this to go to iTunes. Yay! (Again, never F-bombs, and never as a substitute for um and uh. :) ) We also look at creating house rules and discuss why public libraries must be saved. Check out the show notes for details and links!


  • Mike was lazy the past week and caught up on or discovered a lot of mystery shows via Netflix, including Murdoch Mysteries.
  • Jason spent his waking hours working and playing Minecrack… er… Minecraft. He’s addicted to digging and building — especially the ‘shrooms.

Brain Flakes

  • Welcome to NaGaDeMon — National Game Design Month! Like we didn’t have enough one-month challenges for November. Peril Planet has the details.
  • SCIENCE! Japanese robots!! Toyota is putting out some assistive robotic devices that are totally not creepy looking. And they do more than dance. One attaches at the knee and braces down to the foot and uses computers and a gyroscope to assist relearning how to walk. See more here!
  • Identity Games has released GameChanger, a board that attaches to the iPad via the dock connector and can track pieces moved on changeable skins — meaning multiple board games can be designed for it. But, at $80 and an unknown cost for games beyond the two it comes with, is it really the game changer it claims to be? While you listen to us, you can see it on their website.


Picks of the Week

  • Mike: [amazon_link id=”1556347766″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Lord of the Fries by Steve Jackson Games [/amazon_link]
  • Jason: [amazon_link id=”B00000IWH6″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Yahtzee by Hasbro[/amazon_link]. Or check out the [amazon_link id=”B003BMGU2G” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Super Mario edition[/amazon_link] or the  [amazon_link id=”B003BM9IMA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Muppets edition[/amazon_link] and more.

If your friendly local game store doesn’t have those games, click the links and nab them!


One Response to Dice Guys Audio Podcast 009: Guys Down Under! Not.

  1. Jeff Healy says:

    You can change your skin by uploading an appropriate .png file to your profile on the Minecraft website. There are are a lot of skins available at http://www.minecraftskins.com/

    Most of the time houserules should be established before the game starts, but sometimes in play you’ll run into a problem that just has t be rectified somehow, and you just have to make the houserule on the spot. It is still important to make sure everyone understands, though.

    Right at this moment, I have 16 books checked out from the library, and one hold request in. Libraries are an amazing resource for anyone who likes to read in the slightest.


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