Magic D20 of Destiny!

It is your destiny. Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy!

Ok, this week’s die isn’t exactly a die at all, but I want one. And, since I want one, it means I put it in the Dice Bag. It’s the MAGIC D20 OF DESTINY!

It’s basically a Magic 8 Ball shaped like a D20, so you get the idea. Ask a question, shake it up, and read your answer through the window. You might be referred to 3rd Edition rules, or told your charisma means you’re a handsome devil, or even be warned that “IT’S A TRAP!”

I’m curious to see if I can actually roll this puppy. It’s probably entirely unbalanced and either won’t roll right or will be weighted toward a number or three. Well, that might be fine until the other players catch on…

If you can’t find this at your friendly local game store, grab it at ThinkGeek. Use one of the ads on our page to get there, and then search for “d20 of destiny.” That should get you there!


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