Update March 23, 2012: This article still gets a lot of readers, so we need to point out that Abraham has announced on his store site that he has retired from the dice making business. While he still plans to create dice to show on his blog he says he “might put for sale only exceptionally cool pieces (and FUDGE dice). Quantities and prices will probably vary.” On to the article…

This week I’m not pointing out just one die I think looks cool. I’m pointing out a whole collection of dice, designed and handmade by Abraham Neddermann, a.k.a. The DiceCreator, which are simply amazing.

The nice thing about Google+ is the sense of exploration. You search for or read something, someone’s reply looks interesting to you so you click to see that person, and then maybe you are intrigued from there and click again, and so on until suddenly you have discovered someone you never knew before doing something interesting. That’s how I found Abraham, learned he was an artist making dice, and checked out his website to see some incredible examples of our favorite random number generators.

Abraham creates his dice with laser etching, painting, metal inlay, and printing in everything from 4-sided to 20-sided. He’s even created machined aluminum rolling logs with odd numbers of sides: 3, 5, 11, 13, etc. The numbers and artwork on them pull from popular games and television shows like Portal and Battlestar Galactica, commemorate achievements and events like the Space Shuttle or Babbage’s Analytical Engine, and more.

Take a look at his dice and see what you think! You can find them on his blog at dicecreator.com and in his store, or follow him on Google+, also!


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