If you have cable television or don’t mind hitting the G4TV website now and then to see when it gets posted, Attack of the Show‘s new Game Night segment is a good 3-4 minutes of mini-review fun. Mad Men‘s Rich Sommer hosts, and when he isn’t kicking checker boards, he covers three tabletop games. In the first segment, he hits Quarriors!, 7 Wonders, and the iPad version of Ascension: Chronicle of the God Slayer. Check out the segment here.

It’s as slickly produced as any AoTS segment and presents a lot of information in a little time –enough to hopefully spark some curiosity. Considering AoTS is more famous for its video game and internet culture stuff, we’re a little surprised the segment is being done. Hopefully they keep it up. They have a good reach, and I’m sure a lot of people will try out the games they mention.


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