What kind of Dice Guys could we possibly be without a space to talk about dice? The Dice Bag is the spot for us to highlight dice from our collections, cool dice that we see, specialty dice makers and more. If we find a place where you can buy the dice, we’ll post that also. Let’s start off with a flashy one!

The Critical Hit LED D20 Die

Critical Hit LED D20 Die

Oooh.. Pretty lights....

Why couldn’t this have been around when I was really playing RPGs? My die rolls stunk, so to have one which would light up and flash on those rare occasions I did get a 20 — it would have been like a giant spontaneous party firing off!

The die is pretty simple. Roll a 20 and the LED inside starts flashing. The manufacturer says the battery and electronics inside are weighted so they don’t affect the randomness of the die. ThinkGeek has videos of the die in action, and it looks to work better than a couple of other electronic flashy dice I got years ago. They needed some pretty hard smacks; but this one looks to work great. I can’t wait to get mine. Ten bucks might sound high for just one die, but, come on, it flashes on 20s!

If it’s not available through your friendly local game store, check out more information and buy it at ThinkGeek.


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