The website is almost complete! Even pages which don’t have proper information (like the About page) at least have the “Ipsum dolor” placeholder text removed and some kind of description in place.  The very first doodles for the feature slider are done and installed.

The only thing really left is proper RSS feeds to separate news and information from the podcast so each can be subscribed to directly. Also, there is a space on the bottom left of the home page which we haven’t figured out what to do with yet. I was planning on a tiny cartoon, but now that we think the feature slider will be doodle-y cartoons instead of photos, perhaps another cartoon isn’t such a great idea. It could be used for ad space, perhaps to interesting things we find on ThinkGeek? We’re still debating — feel free to post suggestions in the comments.

Feedback on the site is also welcome, although the plan now is to focus on content and fun. So, don’t be surprised if suggestions aren’t added right away, but we definitely read everything.

Thanks to everyone for your patience as everything was being pieced together!


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Jason’s Random Encounters

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-- NSFW BIG BAD WOLF :One of the strangest things I've seen in a very long time! Well worth the click.
-- Dragon Age: Redemption Episode links and commentary videos! : Felicia Day's new web series based on Dragon Age II. Such a fun web series!
-- Police brutality on Wall Street : Wow! Someone other than the Suicide Girls is actually covering what is happening on Wall Street!
-- Pumped Up Kicks : 70's Robot Dance Guy just went home and cried after seeing this.

Mike’s Ambling Brain

Click. Click... Oooh! Click! Mike wanders the internet for you!
-- Charlie Sheen Sings!: Songify This! takes Charlie Sheen to the next level. -- Rhett Butler plays Joe Satriani's classic "Always with Me, Always with You" on 2 guitars at once. I can't even pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time.
-- T-Rex Trying... to do things with his tiny arms.