Dice Guys Audio Podcast 004: Sleep Deprivation-a-go-go

Podcast #4 was delayed while we considered cutting it down to the 30 or so minutes we like. Seems we were a bit sleep deprived while making this one, so our Brain Flakes turned out to be cakes. And our wandering minds blabbered on about expensive games, brick and mortar stores adapting to technology (or not), and more!

It’s still just 40 minutes, though. We’re only a few episodes in — plenty of time to pound this podcast creation thing into a finely working machine.


  • Mike talks about the progress on the website (hey! you’re here!)
  • Jason’s daughter has her 24th birthday and requests a gaming party which brings a tear to her father’s eye. They kick out the fuddy-duddies and break out the latest edition of Gamma World.

Brain Flakes

  • Facebook changes the design and layout of its pages without warning people, and hilarity — or revolution — ensues.
  • Meanwhile Netflix apologizes for being bass-ackwards, but still has a stupid name for its newly separated DVD-by-Mail service, Qwikster, and have to buy the name from a dope fiend
  • Scientists couldn’t figure it out for more than a decade, but gamers take just three weeks to map a protein key to viruses like HIV being able to multiply. Real treatments could result.


  • Brick-and-mortar stores are dropping like flies in the wake of a vibrant internet economy. Can they do something to stay in business? And what about your friendly local game stores?
  • And, wow, games are expensive! Like, for example, Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game from Flying Frog Productions. Looks very cool, but its around US $85 (AUS $120). Should you buy one huge expensive game or multiple lower priced games? As more of these come out at $50 and more, what makes it worth the extra money and not having more games to pick from in your game closet?

Picks of the Week

  • Jason: [amazon_link id=”0786955082″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Gamma World[/amazon_link]
  • Mike: [amazon_link id=”192978001X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Fluxx[/amazon_link]

2 Responses to Dice Guys Audio Podcast 004: Sleep Deprivation-A-Go-Go

  1. Jeff Healy says:

    Doctor Mew lives!

    And re: boardgames getting stupid expensive, well, the ones you’re talking about are kind of head and shoulders above most boardgames. Games like Fortune and Glory or Descent: Journeys into Legend or Twilight Imperium are behemoths, with giant boards and tons of pieces and bits and projected game times of 2 to 4 hours.

    I think a big portion of their target audience is the wargamer set. A $70-$100 game is pretty cheap compared to the money people throw at games like Warhammer 40K (So. Much. Money.), and the more complex rules and fiddly bits would appeal to folks who like setting up armies on tables.

  2. […] game stores, it doesn’t have to mean the complete elimination of them.  We have discussed on the The Dice Guys podcast how brick and mortar locations have to become innovative in order to compete with their online […]


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