This weekend my youngest daughter celebrated her 24th birthday.  Instead of wanting to go out to clubs, drink a lot, and generally act crazy, she chose to have a game night party (proud tear in dad’s eye). The first part of the evening was devoted to pizza and socializing with family and friends that we haven’t seen for quite some time.  The rest of the evening was for games!

We started with Zombie Dice and Guillotine, but the highlight of the evening (in my opinion ) was finally getting the chance to play Gamma World.  I played, and loved, the 80’s version of Gamma World (1983), and even though the newest iteration uses a light version of the 4th ed. D&D rules, the game retains a lot of what made the original so much fun.

When creating your character you randomly get two origins mashed together, leading to fun/difficult/hilarious role-playing opportunities.  In our game, we used the Famine in Far-Go expansion for extra origin options and ended up with a Feline/Temporal, an Explosive/Mind Coercer, and an Electric/Shapeshifter.  There was awesome role-playing. Our Feline was always slightly out of step with the current timeline, once saying to the shapeshifter just before combat and any injuries, “It’s a shame about your arm, but not to worry. I have duct tape!”  The shapeshifter had the bad luck to roll a 5 for intelligence and played it well.  My daughter, the Coercer, came up with an ambush strategy on the fly to deal with overwhelming numbers of the opposition.  They were stuck in a desperate situation that, so far, they have managed to waltz through like a special forces team!

We had a really good time playing the game and now plan to meet on a regular basis to plunder this shattered world of all its Omega Tech!



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